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Standard Ceramic Imprint Colors
PMS 116C PMS 108C PMS 604C PMS 151C PMS 717C PMS 187C
335 Yellow 131230 Mandarin 131232 Lemon 171230 Orange 575 Orange 171232 Cardinal
PMS 484C PMS 185C PMS 1525C PMS 179C PMS 189C PMS 511C
17587 Iron Red 171231 Poppy 773 Light Red Selenium Red 071 Pink 965 Purple
PMS 689C PMS 676C PMS 275C PMS 640C PMS 293C PMS 286C
771234 Purple 771235 Red Purple 721233 Cobalt 121234 Turquoise 121232 Azure 117 Blue
PMS 654C PMS 299C PMS 3298C PMS 364C PMS 576C PMS 145C
Dark Blue Light Blue 111232 Reed 111233 Green 111234 Green 161233 Ochre
PMS 483C PMS 423C PMS 412C      
161232 Chestnut 151232 Grey 141231 Black White    
  Please note that monitor settings, color settings, and lighting may cause shifts in colors shown on website.