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Standard Glass Imprint Colors
PMS 114C PMS 116C PMS 149C PMS 158C PMS 168C PMS 174C
Canary Yellow Jon Yellow Orange Yellow Orange Art Brown Brown
PMS 175C PMS 185C PMS 187C PMS 199C PMS 200C PMS 188C
Pomador Red Poppy Red Brillant Red Red Blood Red Brown
PMS 197C PMS 221C PMS 262C PMS 266C PMS 286C PMS 292C
Pink Carmine Violet Violet Dark Blue Baby Blue
PMS 2925C PMS 2935C PMS 314C PMS 326C PMS 346C PMS 383C
Light Blue Medimum Blue Turquoise Turquosie Green Leaf Green
PMS 396C PMS 486C PMS 5483C PMS 554C PMS 7528C PMS 7624C
Green Rose Blue Green Green Grey 553 Red
PMS 7702C PMS 7740C PMS 021C PMS 7654C PMS Black PMS White
Holland Blue Empire Green Orange Purple Black White

Please note that monitor settings, color settings, and lighting may cause shifts in colors shown on website.